Types of Dentures Available

What are the Different Types of Dentures?

How to decide the right type of denture for youdentures

If you have been told you need your teeth removed because they are too badly damaged to save, no doubt you are concerned about what to replace them with. You’re afraid you will be without teeth forever, unable to smile or eat what you want. Don’t be afraid! You need to come in and talk with Dr. Gale Marana, in Aiea, Hawaii. She can replace your teeth with a beautiful, comfortable denture so you can smile again.

You need to be able to eat the foods you love, and look great, and Dr. Marana will help you do just that with a state-of-the-art denture treatment designed for you. You can have a new set of naturally beautiful dentures conveniently and quickly. There are a few denture options to choose from, and Dr. Marana will help you make the right choice. Denture options include:

A conventional denture which is a complete arch of teeth, either top or bottom or both arches; conventional dentures are completed after your tissue has healed from tooth extraction. The entire process typically takes 6-8 weeks.

An immediate denture which is also a complete arch of teeth, but this type of denture is placed immediately after your teeth are taken out. You don’t have to go through life without teeth. As your tissue heals, the immediate denture will have to be adjusted and after your tissue has healed completely, a conventional denture can be made for you.

An overdenture is a complete arch of teeth which is placed over existing tooth roots remaining in your mouth. The advantage of an overdenture is that the tooth root serves as support for the denture “locking” it in place. Tooth roots also help retain the bone in your jaw, giving you a firm jawline and youthful face. Implants can also serve as support for an overdenture.

Partial dentures are an option if you are looking for replacement of just a few teeth and not the entire arch.

If you are looking for tooth replacement, start out right and call Dr. Gale Marana, your denture specialist in Aiea, Hawaii. She will help you decide on the right type of denture to fit your budget and your needs. Don’t wait! Get started on your new teeth and call today!