Three Foods That Fight Tooth Decay

Foods that Fight DecayYou may already know there are many foods which can cause tooth decay and plaque buildup. Aiea dentist Dr. Gale Marana has probably already warned you about the dangers of sugary sodas, hard candies, and acidic juices. But you may not know that there are foods and beverages that can actually inhibit the growth of plaque and bacteria on the teeth. Along with brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your Aiea dentist Dr. Marana, add the following foods to your diet to maintain your oral health.


They say “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.” But the same may be true for the dentist. Munching on an apple can help produce extra saliva which will wash plaque off the teeth. Apples also produce flavonoids which have been shown to reduce bacteria inside the mouth.


Like apples, cranberries contain bacteria-fighting flavonoids. Both cranberries and blueberries contain similar types of substances that help to keep bacteria from attaching to surfaces, including teeth. Research has shown that eating cranberries can reduce the amount of bacteria found in saliva.

Unsweetened Yogurt

Don’t confuse this with the sweetened yogurts which are loaded with sugars. Unsweetened yogurt, dressed up with some fresh fruit, can help fight cavities and remineralize teeth. Yogurt can help to keep pH levels in the mouth low so that enamel is not so easily eroded. The calcium and phosphorous found in unsweetened yogurt can help replace the minerals on teeth that acidic foods tend to eat away.

Other foods can also help keep teeth healthy. Peanuts are found to help decrease plaque build-up. Cheese can help prevent the mineral loss on teeth. Plain black tea contains natural chemicals that protect the tooth enamel. Even plain cocoa powder can help prevent bacteria growth in the mouth.

If you’re interested in other natural ways to help protect your teeth, talk to your dentist about your options. Dr. Gale Marana, your Aiea general dentist, offers cleanings as well as a full menu of dental treatment options to keep your smile healthy and bright. Schedule your appointment today by calling (808) 488-7868.