The Benefits Of Tooth Colored Fillings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 91 percent of Americans 20 to 64 have experienced at least one dental cavity.Tooth fillings Left untreated, tooth decay only progresses, leading to more complex situations, such as root canal therapy, or worse, tooth loss. Today, your dentist in Aiea, HI Dr. Gale Marana, offers a durable and natural-looking way to restore those cavities. It's called the tooth-colored filling, and if you have tooth decay, this innovative material, combined with Dr. Marana's expertise, will bring your tooth back to its best form and function.

How can a filling be tooth-colored?

That's a good question because most adults are accustomed to dark metal (amalgam) fillings. While metal fillings get the job done and last for many years, they are obvious and unattractive, especially placed in the front of the mouth.

So today, dentists have the option of restoring decayed teeth with a material that is a combination, or composite, of acrylic and glass. This tooth-colored resin mimics the look of natural tooth enamel, making it a great aesthetic choice. Additionally, composite resin is actually flexible, giving with the forces of biting and chewing and resisting cracks so common with metal fillings.

Here's how the restorative procedure works

First, Dr. Marana examines the tooth, takes digital X-rays and probes the site with a small dental instrument. Confirming a cavity, she numbs the area around the tooth and removes the decayed enamel. Unlike metal fillings, a tooth-colored restoration requires less enamel removal than its metal counterpart. So both the tooth and the filling resist both cracking and chipping.

When the tooth is fully prepared, she layers the composite resin into the site, hardening each layer with a special curing light. This part of the procedure ensures the restoration is strong and well-bonded to the tooth.

After the filling is completed, your Aiea, HI dentist shapes, smooths and polishes it for correct fit, bite and appearance. The restoration truly is seamless, blending in exceptionally well with the natural tooth structure.

Do you have a cavity?

Despite our best efforts to brush, floss and eat tooth-friendly diets, cavities still happen. if you suspect you have tooth decay, or if it's time for your six-moth check-up with Dr. Marana, please contact her office for an appointment. Her schedule has late afternoon and Saturday appointments available for your convenience. Please call (808) 488-7868 today.