How Porcelain Veneers Light Up Your Smile

Porcelain Veneers The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that the number of porcelain veneers placed annually in the United States has increased by 100 percent since the nineties. Why is this cosmetic dental service so popular? It may be because these thin shells of dental grade ceramic cover a myriad of imperfections from food and beverage staining, injury, wear, congenital defect and other circumstances that mar smile aesthetics.

Dr. Gale Marana, Aiea, HI cosmetic dentist, offers porcelain veneers--also called dental laminates-- as part of a wide range of aesthetic dental treatments. Custom-made according to the patient's facial appearance, neighboring teeth, oral structure and the dentist's and technician's sense of artistry, porcelain veneers help patients look good and feel confident in their healthy smiles.

The Procedure

Older teens and adults with healthy teeth and gums make great candidates for laminates. After an initial oral exam and diagnostic imaging, veneer candidates discuss their options and goals with Dr. Marana. Going forward with an agreed upon treatment plan, Dr. Marana lightly etches the front surface of the tooth or teeth to receive veneers and removes approximately 1/2 mm of enamel from each one. This gentle procedure usually requires no anesthesia and allows the veneers to fit properly inside the mouth.

Dr. Marana also takes dental impressions and sends them to a special lab. There, a skilled technician crafts each veneer, sculpting it according to a model of the patient's mouth and the doctor's instructions. The veneers are very durable, super thin and designed to improve the appearance with a very natural look.

At the next dental visit, the dentist bonds the laminates in place, carefully adjusting the fit and bite. She matches the color to surrounding teeth by varying the shade of the bonding cement. Most people say laminates look very lifelike because of the subtle deviations in coloring that are very similar to natural tooth enamel.

Living With Veneers

When Dr. Marana rechecks her veneer patients, they typically report that any residual tooth and gum sensitivity is gone and that they have adapted well to their veneers when eating and speaking. Dr. Marana asks that patients care for their veneers just as they do their natural teeth--with disciplined brushing and flossing and routine dental exams and cleanings.

Also, while veneers are strong, it's wise to avoid eating hard food such as peanut brittle, chewing ice or opening bottles or packaging with the teeth. With good care, porcelain veneers keep their dazzling look and excellent function for years.

Find Out More

Would you like to light up your smile with porcelain veneers? Gale Marana DDS will evaluate your oral health and help you decide if veneers are the right cosmetic dentistry treatment for you. Call the Aiea, HI area office for a consultation: (808)488-7868.