Have a Beach-Ready Smile With Teeth Whitening

Get the smile you’ve always wanted just in time for the summer season!

It’s almost that time again: bathing suit season—a time to enjoy the warm, beautiful weather and the chance to relax on the sand, Teeth Whiteningeven if it’s just for a weekend. However, before you take that much-needed vacation you might be wondering how you can give your appearance a little boost. If you’ve desired a whiter smile for a while now, say goodbye to those over-the-counter whitening kits and gels and opt for professional teeth whitening from your Aiea dentist.

What to Expect During my Teeth Whitening Session

When you come in for your whitening session, your Aiea dentist will use a separator to keep your lips away from your teeth while we apply the gel. This will also serve to protect delicate tissue from the bleaching agent. Then we will apply a highly concentrated whitening gel to your teeth and then direct a laser at your teeth to activate the gel. This will last for about 15 minutes, after which we will remove the gel, reapply a fresh layer and reactivate it. Most whitening sessions require three, 15-minute sessions to achieve optimal results.

Professional Teeth Whitening Benefits

Many patients wonder what the actual difference is between professional teeth whitening and the products you can easily find at your local drugstore. Your Aiea dentist is here to tell you that in-office whitening is very different and more effective that commercial products. A lot has to do with the whitening gel itself.

It’s effective!

Since we’ve been trained to properly handle and use these products, the whitening gels we use are much stronger and more effective at removing surface stains and brightening teeth. You won’t find any commercial kits boasting the same whitening strengths that our gels can.

It’s instant!

Furthermore, you can get a significantly brighter smile in under an hour. Most commercial products take several weeks before you start to notice a different. For those looking for instant results, you won’t be able to resist in-office teeth whitening.

It’s sensitive!

Plus, professional teeth whitening can be tailored to your specific needs. Therefore, if you have teeth sensitivity you may be concerned that the whitening gel could be too much for your smile. While you won’t be able to tailor your whitening treatment with over-the-counter products, your Aiea dentist certainly can when you come in for treatment. Even sensitive teeth can get whiter smiles!

Who doesn’t want a brighter smile? Get yours in time to greet summer. Schedule your first whitening session with Dr. Gale Marana, your Aiea dentist. You’ll be glad you did!