Deep Cleaning Keeps Your Smile Healthy

Keeping your smile clean and healthy requires more than just brushing your teeth every day. Alongside regular brushing, and dental cleanings, the occasional deep cleaning removes the plaque and tartar built up on your teeth, leaving your mouth with a clean slate. Learn more about periodontal cleanings with Dr. Gale Marana in Aiea, HI.Deep Clean

What is a deep cleaning? 
Dentists recommend that patients should have a regular cleaning twice a year alongside their regular dental examination. While regular cleanings focus on removing plaque and tartar from the surfaces of the teeth, a deep cleaning goes beyond the surface of the teeth and deeper underneath the gumline. A deep cleaning, also called scaling and root planing, removes bacteria, plaque, tartar and debris caught between the teeth and gums.

When is scaling and root planing necessary? 
Scaling and root planing treats gum disease like gingivitis. This condition occurs when the gums become inflamed due to plaque and tartar on the teeth. The inflammation causes the gum to separate from the tooth, creating a pocket. These pockets trap plaque, causing gingivitis. Due to its location under the gums, you cannot remove this trapped plaque by brushing or flossing and require a professional dental cleaning. More severe cases require scaling and root planing, which reaches further into the gums than a regular cleaning, to remove the trapped plaque and help the gums reattach to the teeth. Untreated gum disease can cause bone and tooth loss, making cleanings crucial to your oral health.

Scaling and Root Planing in Aiea, HI 
The procedure begins with scaling, which removes the plaque and tartar from the teeth and underneath the gums. After scaling, root planing smooths the tooth’s root, which helps the gum reattach to the tooth. Depending on the severity, scaling and root planing procedures may require two visits to your dentist’s office. After the procedure, over-the-counter medications can help relieve any pain and swelling you may experience. Your dentist may also recommend a prescription mouth wash or tablet to help fight infection and promote healing. You can prevent gum disease by brushing twice daily, flossing at least once and seeing your dentist twice a year for regular cleanings.

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