Can I Whiten My Teeth if I Have Tooth Decay?

Whiter teeth can boost your confidence and help your smile appear healthier on the outside. But if your smile is not healthier on the inside, teeth whitening may not be as effective as you hope -- and if you have cavities, whitening could cause some significant discomfort.

Cavities are the result of bacteria that eat away at the tough enamel that protects the inner, more sensitive portions of the teeth. This includes the nerves inside the teeth. When cavities penetrate the protective enamel, more bacteria can get in. Whitening material can also set in, which can cause significant pain.

Preventing this occurrence is an important reason why professional teeth whitening can offer the results you desire. Dr. Gale Maraña can perform a regular dental exam to ensure decay has not set in. She can also evaluate your smile to determine what types of stains affect your teeth and what types of whitening active ingredients can help.

If you do have dental decay and cavities, Dr. Maraña can address these at her Aiea cosmetic dentistry office. By treating these underlying issues, you can have a healthier smile. Once your cavities are addressed, you can whiten your teeth without fear of sensitivity or discomfort. When performed at a professional dentist's office, you can expect your teeth to be anywhere from five to eight shades whiter.

For more information on professional teeth whitening at Dr. Maraña's Aiea, HI dentist office, please call (808) 488-7868. A member of our caring staff will help schedule a whitening appointment or whitening consultation to ensure your teeth are healthy enough for the treatment.