Are Root Canals Painful?

What your dentist in Aiea, Hawaii, wants you to knowroot canals

When you hear the words “root canal” do you break out in a cold sweat? Is your mind filled with images of pain? If so, be reassured, modern root canal treatment is state-of-the-art! Root canal treatment is comfortable and quick. Dr. Gale Marana in Aiea, Hawaii wants to share the facts about root canal treatment.

Every effort is made to ensure your comfort. During your procedure, Dr. Garana will use all of the latest technology and tools to make certain you are comfortable, including high-tech digital x-rays to provide superb detail during treatment.

Root canal treatment, also called endodontic therapy, is the method-of-choice to eliminate dental pain without extracting your tooth. Dr. Marana starts by creating a small opening in the top of your tooth. She uses ultra-thin instruments called files to draw out the diseased and dead tissue through the opening. She will place a sedative material inside your tooth to decrease inflammation and pain.

Once your tooth is no longer painful, the sedative material is removed and a permanent inert material known as gutta-percha is placed inside your tooth. The opening is then closed with a permanent filling. Your root canal is finished, and you still have your tooth!

A dental crown is usually recommended for a tooth that has had a root canal. That’s because once the nerves and blood supply are removed, the tooth can become brittle and more prone to breakage. A dental crown protects the tooth from fracture.

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There are many benefits to root canal treatment, including not having to think about expensive tooth replacement options like bridgework, partials, dentures or implants. If you have a painful tooth, just pick up the phone and call Dr. Gale Marana in Aiea, Hawaii. Get some relief from tooth pain by calling today!