Are Dental Bridges Considered a Cosmetic Treatment?

Traditional cosmetic treatments include veneers, bleaching, cosmetic bonding and contouring. In recent years, restorative procedures, such as dental implants, dental crowns and bridges, have become cosmetic friendly.
So yes, a dental bridge can be considered a cosmetic treatment.
The Reason Why a Dental Bridge Can Be Cosmetic in Nature
Drifting teeth is one of the primary concerns after losing a tooth. The teeth need a stable environment, and if a tooth is lost, that open space creates a weaker structure. Thus, neighboring teeth may start to shift towards it, causing misalignment and discomfort.
In Aiea, crowns, bridges and implants are primarily utilized to improve function and oral health, but these restorative devices also become cosmetic in nature for one reason—esthetic appeal. And this is the reason most patients appreciate prosthetic dental devices.
Patients wouldn’t want a dental implant or dental crown to look unnatural. If one tooth sticks out like a sore thumb, it can negatively affect the smile’s overall appearance.
With the use of modern dental materials and technology, we can match the dental crown or bridge to the smile.
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