When A Tooth Extraction Is The Best Choice For Your Smile

How a tooth extraction can help you from your Aiea dentist

You should try to keep your teeth as long as you can because what nature gave you is usually the best option. But sometimes if your extractionsteeth are badly decayed, diseased or damaged, tooth extraction can be the best choice for your smile. That’s because a diseased or decayed tooth can affect the teeth around it, not to mention how it detracts from your beautiful smile. Dr. Gale Marana, in Aiea, Hawaii, wants you to know how a tooth extraction can help you and your smile.

A tooth extraction may be the best choice for your smile because it can limit the spread of infection and gum or periodontal disease. Dr. Marana wants you to know when a tooth extraction might be indicated. You should think about removing a tooth that is:

  • Unrestorable due to traumatic damage or severe decay
  • Chronically painful, even after root canal treatment
  • Crowding other teeth, even with orthodontic treatment
  • Failing from root canal treatment or has a split tooth root

In most cases, wisdom teeth or third molars are also extracted because most people don’t have room for them and they overlap or crowd the other teeth. Typically wisdom teeth aren’t functional because they are out of regular tooth alignment and you don’t use them for chewing. They are also hard to keep clean.

Many people lose teeth due to periodontal disease. Infection from damaging bacteria can cause you to lose soft tissue and bone support around your teeth, and your teeth become loose. Dr. Marana offers a range of periodontal services to help you retain teeth, but sometimes it’s better to limit the disease by taking these teeth out.

Dr. Marana wants you to know if you need one or more teeth extracted, don’t worry! She can place a dental implant, the permanent, cosmetically beautiful solution to replace missing teeth. To find out more about tooth extraction, dental implants and a wide array of dental services, call Dr. Gale Marana in Aiea, Hawaii. She can help you discover why a tooth extraction may be the best choice for your smile. Call today!

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