Signs You Have a Cavity

A cavity must be treated right away to prevent complications. Find out what to look out for.cavities

A cavity is one of the most common dental issues to befall both children and adults. In fact, the majority of people will face at least one cavity during their lifetime. While dental problems don’t often manifest symptoms there are some warning signs that could just be telling you that you have a cavity. Our Aiea, HI, dentist Dr. Gale Marana is here to shed some light.

What are the symptoms of a cavity?

It isn’t always possible to tell whether you have a cavity or not, particularly in the very early stages; however, just because you aren’t experiencing symptoms this doesn’t mean that everything is fine. When you come in every six months for routine checkups and cleanings, it allows our Aiea, HI, general dentist to examine your teeth and gums and find potential issues that you may not have even noticed. By running X-rays once a year we can even detect minor decay that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Catching it early on means that we can continue to monitor it so that it doesn’t get worse.

Through early cavity detection, we can prevent it from spreading further inside the tooth where it can damage the dental pulp (when this happens, a root canal is required).

Of course, there are symptoms that may arise when you have a cavity and it’s important to recognize them when they surface. The most obvious sign is a toothache. Even though a toothache can surface for many reasons, this symptom is considered a true dental emergency and requires immediate attention.

Along with dental pain, you may also notice that the tooth is sensitive to hot or cold temperatures or to sugary foods. If you examine the tooth you may see a hole or a black or brown spot. This is a major indicator that you have a cavity and should seek dental care right away.

If you are concerned that you might have a cavity, or if you just need to get your teeth cleaned, then it’s the perfect time to pick up the phone and call our Aiea, HI, dental office today. Keep your smile healthy by visiting us.

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