Are Dentures Right for Me?

Want to know more about dentures in Aiea, HI?dentures

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, 90 percent of those who suffer from complete or partial tooth loss have dentures. This means you're not alone when considering dentures. Ask Dr. Gale Marana, your Aiea dentist, if she can help you better understand dentures.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a removable oral appliance made to replace missing teeth. Individuals who have lost their teeth due decay, gum disease or injury can use dentures to conceal their tooth loss. The dentures are made out of acrylic resin that is sometimes combined with metals.

Types of dentures

In order to get dentures, you will need to visit your Aiea dentist so that she may examine your teeth thoroughly and ensure you are a good candidate for dentures. She will then take measurements so custom-made dentures are made for your. Here are the types of dentures provided by your doctor:

  • Full Dentures or complete dentures are used when a person has lost all or most of their teeth.
  1. Immediate Dentures are used temporarily when people are transitioning into denture wearing
  2. Conventional Full Dentures are permanent dentures made to fit your teeth
  3. Implant-Supported Overdentures use one or more dental implants to secure and support upper and lower dentures.
  • Partial Dentures are used when several, but not all, your teeth are missing.
  1. Transitional Partial Dentures are placed in your mouth temporarily while your gums heal and before dental implants replace them.
  2. Removable Partial Dentures are used instead of dental implants and bridgework.

Advantages of Dentures:

  • Complete dentures can be worn immediately after the removal of teeth, while your mouth is healing
  • Denture improve chewing function, speech capabilities and facial support, as well as enhancing your smile
  • Dentures can be used for upper or lower jaws, and prevent your bones and gums from shrinking over time

Need a consultation?

For more information about dentures at your Aiea, HI, dentist's office, call (808) 488-7868. It's time you take care of your dental health and improve your smile!

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