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By Gale Marana, DDS
November 26, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

What your dentist in Aiea, Hawaii wants you to know

Tooth Colored FillingTooth decay and cavities are common dental problems. Not too long ago, the solution was a metal filling, but times have changed! Today’s fillings are strong, but they are beautiful too! You can now have tooth-colored fillings, which blend perfectly with your smile. Dr. Gale Marana in Aiea, Hawaii wants to introduce you to the benefits of tooth-colored fillings and how they can restore your smile.

Tooth-colored fillings use composite, a resin material that starts out as a liquid. The unique consistency allows Dr. Marana to sculpt and shape the material along the natural contours of your teeth. Once the material is in place, it is hardened using a dental light. The end result is a restoration that can protect and enhance your smile.

There are many reasons why people love tooth-colored fillings. Consider that tooth-colored fillings are:

  • Cosmetically beautiful, because the composite can be color-matched to your existing teeth, creating a beautiful blended look.
  • Strong, because the composite is bonded to your tooth surface using etching material and strong cement.

Composite is a versatile material that is used for fillings and cosmetic dental treatments. It can be used to fill in cavities created by tooth decay, and it can also be used to hide unsightly aesthetic issues like discolorations, fracture lines, and defects in tooth surfaces.

Composite can also help to mask some of the early signs of an aging smile, and repair what bad habits, lifestyle, and wear-and-tear have done to your smile. You can choose tooth-colored fillings to repair:

  • Decayed, broken, or damaged teeth
  • Cracked, fractured, or chipped teeth
  • Worn, eroded, or abraded teeth

Tooth-colored fillings have revolutionized dentistry by providing both strength and cosmetic beauty. Why choose an old-school metal filling when you can have a filling that enhances your smile? For more information about tooth-colored fillings and other dental services call Dr. Gale Marana in Aiea, Hawaii today!

By Gale Marana, DDS
November 16, 2018
Category: Services
Tags: Dental Veneers  

Porcelain dental veneers can subtly tweak a single, imperfect tooth or work to overhaul your entire smile in one fell swoop. Thanks to their versatility, dental veneers can help patients in a variety of dental situations. Find out more about dental implants and how they can help your teeth with Dr. Gale Marana in Aiea, HI.

What is a porcelain dental veneer?
Porcelain dental veneers fit over the surface of a tooth to cover its existing appearance and improve its look. Porcelain closely mimics a natural tooth’s light-reflecting qualities, color, and general appearance, making it the perfect material for a veneer. A dental laboratory customizes each veneer based on a clay impression of your mouth to ensure the most natural look and comfortable fit.

Am I a good candidate for porcelain dental veneers? 
A good candidate for a porcelain veneer is in good general and dental health. They should also have no indications of teeth decay or gum disease. These conditions could cause complications for a veneer, meaning candidates should also have a strong at-home oral care routine and a commitment to seeing their dentist twice a year for routine dental examinations and cleanings.

Porcelain Dental Veneers in Aiea, HI
The process for dental veneers begins with a consultation with your dentist. This will ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure, and have realistic expectations for your results. Then, your dentist will prepare your teeth, take a clay impression of your mouth, and place temporary veneers on your teeth. These restorations help protect your natural teeth until the laboratory completes your veneers. At a second appointment about two weeks later, your dentist will remove the temporary veneers and replace them with your final restorations.

Caring for Your Veneers
Caring for your veneers is as easy as caring for your natural teeth. Simply brush twice daily and floss at least once to ensure that the bacteria and plaque which cause teeth decay remains at bay. Additionally, the American Dental Association recommends that everyone — regardless of age or dental condition — should see their dentist at least twice a year for routine dental examinations and cleanings.

For more information on porcelain dental veneers, please contact Dr. Gale Marana in Aiea, HI. Call (808) 488-7868 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Marana today!

By Gale Marana, DDS
July 24, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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How can you protect your oral health? Keep good oral hygiene habits, says your dentist in Aiea, HI, Dr. Gale Marana. Her years of oral hygieneexpertise in preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry have shown her the value of consistent dental care both at home and at the office. Learn here what disciplines keep your smile strong and bright.

Here are the home basics

They start at home with your brushing and flossing routines. The American Dental Association (ADA) sets this rule of thumb for children through seniors: brush your teeth twice a day for a full two minutes, and floss daily.

What's the benefit of brushing and flossing? To be sure, they eliminate dental stains and bad breath, but beyond that, disciplined hygiene routines reduce oral bacteria contained in plaque and tartar. Your mouth teems with Streptococcus mutans when you consume starchy and sugary foods. However, cleaning your teeth and gums combats the corrosive effects of these acid-secreting germs.

Also, your dentist in Aiea, HI, advises all her patients cut down on processed carbohydrates and increase tooth-friendly dietary choices such as:

  • Water, to hydrate, cleanse, and increase saliva (which has antibacterial properties and starts the digestive process)
  • Low-fat proteins contained in fish and poultry
  • Whole grains (limit white flour)
  • Fibrous fruits and vegetables (the vitamin C in citrus fruits promotes healthy gums)

Here are the in-office basics

Every six-month check-up and cleaning appointment with Dr. Marana ensures that your teeth and gums have been thoroughly assessed for:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Dental bite
  • Jaw joint function
  • The condition of dental crowns, fillings, and other restorations
  • Excessive wear on tooth enamel
  • Oral cancer

Also, your dental hygienist carefully scales tooth surfaces, flosses and polishes your teeth and uses digital X-ray imaging to look for decay and structural problems hidden from view. Also, the hygienist provides great tips on how to maximize your time with your floss and toothbrush.

For instance, many hygienists recommend electric toothbrushes which remove more plaque than manual brushing when used correctly and consistently. Also, your hygienist can show you excellent ways to clean around fixed bridgework, dental implants, periodontal splints and other dental appliances.

Check your habits

Dr. Gale Marana and her team want you to have a smile that lasts a lifetime. Keep up your good home care, and book your semi-annual exam and hygienic cleaning now. We look forward to seeing you! Call (808) 488-7868 for an appointment in Aiea, HI today!

By Gale Marana, DDS
April 30, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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Your Aiea, HI, dentist, Dr. Gale Marana, is here to help. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis is a must. She checks for damage causeddental visits by decay, or trauma, to repair your teeth and provide advice.

Your doctor recommends you:

  • Brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day, at least, while holding the brush at a 40-degree angle to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Floss at least once before bed will remove food debris.
  • Receive fluoride treatment may also prevent issues like gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Use fluoride-containing products like toothpaste and mouthwash, or drinking fluoride-containing water helps repair teeth.
  • Avoid tobacco, smoking, and drinking too much coffee and tea.
  • Get professional dental cleanings and checkups every six months to remove hardened plaque that's accumulated on teeth and around gums.

You'll need to visit your Aiea doctor if you need a dental procedure as well. Here are a few:

Crowns: A dental crown is a porcelain cap that covers cracks, dents, and chips in teeth. A dental crown also preserves the integrity of what remains of your natural tooth, especially if a filling is slightly dislodged and needs reinforcement.

Bridges: Bridges are custom-made oral appliances that can conceal dental gaps, and help restore proper bite and chewing functions. There are different types of bridges: Fixed partial dentures, or removable bridges.

Fillings and Dental Bonding: Your Aiea dentist applies an etching solution to the surface of your tooth to prepare for composite, then applies composite resin that matches the color of your teeth and molds it into the right shape. The last step consists of applying a curing light to harden the composite.

Veneers: They are strong thin coverings made of porcelain that go over the surface of your teeth to repair large chips and cracks.

For more information on what your dentist can provide you with, you should contact your Aiea, HI, today! Seeing your doctor regularly and maintaining a healthy dental regimen will provide longer lasting oral health.

By Gale Marana, DDS
March 06, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Have you put off improving your smile because you assumed that correcting your issues would involve lengthy or costly dental treatments?dental bonding Cosmetic bonding offers a quick, simple, relatively inexpensive way to address many tooth imperfections. Our Aiea, HI, dentist, Dr. Gale Marana, explains how bonding can enhance your smile.

What is cosmetic bonding?

Composite resin, a soft material made of plastic and powdered glass, is applied to your tooth to conceal flaws or change the look of a tooth during the bonding process. When the resin is exposed to a curing light, it bonds to your enamel, becoming a permanent part of your tooth. Bonding doesn't usually require any anesthesia and may be performed in conjunction with reshaping, a treatment that removes small amounts of enamel to eliminate overlapping tooth edges or improve the shape of a tooth.

How can cosmetic bonding help me?

Cosmetic bonding is often used to:

  • Repair Chips and Small Breaks in Teeth: Bonding fills in chips at the bottom of your teeth and can also be used to reattach small pieces of broken teeth in our Aiea office. Larger breaks may require a crown and possibly root canal treatment.
  • Conceal Cracks: Crowns are the best choice if you have a large or deep crack, but cosmetic bonding offers an excellent way to hide shallow cracks that don't extend beyond your enamel.
  • Hide Flaws and Discolorations: Adding a few layers of bonding material to your teeth conceals bumps, pits, discolorations, and other imperfections from view. Composite resin is available in a range of tooth-colored shades to ensure that your dental work isn't noticeable.
  • Close Gaps: Bonding also fills and hides slight spaces between teeth.
  • Lengthen Short Teeth: Your teeth can shorten after years of biting and chewing, or may wear down prematurely if you grind your teeth. Adding composite resin lengthens your teeth and improves your smile. If your teeth have shortened due to grinding, you may benefit by wearing a custom-made nightguard while you sleep.
  • Fill Teeth: When used as a filling material, composite resin strengthens teeth and offers a more natural appearance than silver amalgam fillings. Although anesthesia isn't necessary for most cosmetic treatments that use composite resin, you may require a local anesthetic when you receive a composite resin filling.

Upgrade your smile with cosmetic bonding. Call our Aiea, HI, dentist, Dr. Marana, at (808) 488-7868 to schedule your appointment.

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